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Calmbirth is a childbirth education program developed to help pregnant couples to completely understand the birth process, and teaches them the skills they can use to create a calm and positive birth experience free from fear and anxiety. Birth is a natural process. The Calmbirth program uses evidence based research and involves practical and theoretically skills to help women surrender to this normal process of labour and birth, however it unfolds.

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  • The amazing design of women’s bodies and how they grow and birth their babies.
  • The strong connection between the mind and body and how preconceived beliefs can impact on our ideas and thoughts about birth
  • Practical skills such as breathing techniques, relaxation methods and visualisations to help in achieving a calm and enjoyable birth experience
  • The important role the support person plays in the birthing experience
  • The importance of bonding with their baby before the birth and how this can affect their foundation for their future
  • To feel confident and in control of their birth experience whichever way it unfolds